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A simple source for market guidance that helps you make money in the stock market.

VectorVest is the only stock analysis and portfolio management system that analyzes, ranks and graphs over 18,000 stocks each day for value, safety and timing and gives a clear buy, sell or hold rating on every stock every day.

VectorVest gives you ANSWERS, not just data. What to buy. What to sell. Most importantly, WHEN. Unbiased, independent answers. Investment guidance provided at a glance or through your own analysis.

How can something so complicated be that simple?

For over 40 years, VectorVest has been creating mathematical models to clearly define EXACTLY what causes a stock’s price to rise or fall. No opinions or guesswork. Just math.

It can all be summed up in three mathematical models: value, safety and timing (VST). VectorVest rates Value, Safety and Timing the same: it starts at 1.00, and ranges from 0.00 To 2.00.

Take Relative Value (RV): Anything above 1.00 is worth looking at. Anything below 1.00 is a red flag. Stocks with ratings higher than 1.00 have above average appreciation potential. If it were below average, you’d be better off in AAA corporate bonds.

Relative Safety (RS): Tells you how stable a stock is compared to other investments. Again, if the stock is above 1.00, it’s safer and more predictable than other stocks. If it’s risky and unpredictable, the rating will be below 1.00.

Finally, Relative Timing (RT): How does the short-term price performance look? Above 1.00 is good, below 1.00 is risky, and if the price trend is flat, it just gets a 1.00.

The result is a system for stock market trend analysis using value, safety and timing (VST) to create clear BUY, SELL and HOLD signals that direct investors to rising stocks, in rising sectors and markets. No guesswork. No gut feelings.

Deciding is simple. Choose the stock with the highest VST.

Access Anywhere

1. VectorVest: Get the ultimate investing toolbox with the full power of VectorVest unleashed. Fast answers, deep knowledge, and trading, right from one place. Research, back-test, and Pro-Integrations accommodate the most sophisticated investment strategies and tactics.

2. The VectorVest Stock Advisory App: On your smartphone, VectorVest shows you the essentials you need to trade smarter every day. The state of the market, timing, buy/sell/hold recommendations. Designed entirely for the mobile experience, it’s the simplest way to leverage VectorVest’s proven guidance to never miss an opportunity.